Learn How to Take Images of a Lifetime™


Photographers’ Education & Resource Center aka PERC Photography School offers award winning, highly focused digital photography and photography software training covering the Art, Science and Business of Digital Photography.

PERC provides provides the widest variety of cost effective Professional Photography Certification programs, both instructor-led and online self-paced programs.

PERC also provides premium instructor-led classroom and field workshop instruction as well as online self-paced courses covering more than 180 skill levels across more than 50 topics.

We offer several rental services as well, where you can use our equipment to get your projects done without having to spend a fortune on gear:

  • PC computer lab with over a dozen editing programs,
  • wide format printer,
  • studio with lighting and wireless triggers,
  • high resolution scanner,
  • macro photography workstation,
  • product photography workstation,
  • framing station, and
  • mat cutting stations.


We deliver the most comprehensive classroom and online training for photography software such as:

  • Adobe® Photoshop CS ”X” / CC
  • Adobe® Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe® Lightroom
  • Photoshop & Lightroom Plug-ins
  • Photomatix Pro

To learn how we can help bring your photography to the next level, email or call 919.576.5331.