Images of a Lifetime™

PERC Photography School provides premium instructor-led classroom and field workshop instruction as well as online, on demand self-paced courses, covering more than 60 topics.

PERC also provides the widest variety of cost effective Professional Photography Certification programs, both instructor-led and online, on demand self-paced programs.

We offer several rental services as well, where you can use our equipment to get your projects done without having to spend a fortune on gear:

  • PC computer lab with over a dozen editing programs,
  • wide format printer,
  • studio with lighting and wireless triggers,
  • high resolution scanner,
  • macro photography workstation,
  • product photography workstation,
  • framing station, and
  • mat cutting stations.


We deliver the most comprehensive classroom and online training for photography software such as:

  • Adobe® Photoshop CS ”X” / CC
  • Adobe® Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe® Lightroom
  • Photoshop & Lightroom Plug-ins
  • Photomatix Pro

To learn how we can help bring your photography to the next level, email or call 919.576.5331.