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Dec 272012

PERC Photo Tips Volume 1

  • SHOOT IN THE SHADE: Shade works especially well for people and flowers. If a subject is not in the shade, move it into the shade or shade the subject by having someone hold a diffuser or reflector to create shade. Set your white balance to shade as shade contains a lot of blue light. The shade setting removes that blue.
  • NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITS: Getting a good portrait is highly dependent on the quality and quantity of light used. You can get soft, evenly diffused light by having the subject stand or sit in front of a window. Shoot when the light comes from the sky, not directly from the sun, or diffuse direct sun with a white sheer drape or diffuser. Change direction of the light by moving the camera and subject at different angles to the window for everything from dramatic sidelight to open front light.
  • THE BEST METERING MODES:  For most scenes use Evaluative or Matrix metering mode. For backlit scenes use Spot metering with fill flash to light your subject.
  • POOR MAN’S MANUAL: If you use Program Mode, you can mimic Manual Mode techniques when faced by very bright backgrounds or backlit scenes. Use exposure compensation to reduce the overall exposure (try 1 to 2 stops first), then use fill flash to light the subject.
  • USE YOUR HIGHLIGHT ALERT: To more easily avoid blown-out highlights, turn on your highlight alert. Most cameras with a histogram also have an alert, a feature that shows blinking patches on bright white areas in the photo. However it is usually not turned on when you receive the camera.

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Duke Homestead Field Trip Images

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Jun 132011

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of leading some intrepid photographers to the Duke Homestead for a landscape and architectural field trip. It was my first visit there, and I was not disappointed.

Besides the historical significance of the buildings and Washington Duke himself, the tobacco drying barn reminded me of the ones I used to see in Connecticut many years ago.

In the end we had a thoroughly enjoyable outing, strengthened existing friendships and made new ones too. And we learned about photography as we captured some wonderful outdoor and indoor images!

Here are a few of my images to whet your appetite and prove that the Homestead is definitely worth a visit.

Preview of Raleigh Downtown Architecture Field Workshop

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Apr 082011

We are very excited about our “Four Hour” Field Workshops highlighting the Triangle Area around us. During a recent private tutoring session I snapped a few downtown Raleigh images and decided that they would make a great preview of what we will be capturing during the upcoming Saturday session.

Raleigh has a wonderful history, and much of that is reflected in its architecture. From gleaming skyscrapers and more traditional buildings to detailed close-ups, the architecture of downtown Raleigh is rich and vibrant. Click thumbnails to view entire image. Enjoy!