Learn how to take awesome photos of the Moon!

You will learn:

  • what settings to TURN ON in your camera,full_moon
  • what settings to TURN OFF in your camera,
  • how to take multiple exposure lunar images,
  • how to photograph teh moon in all visible phases,
  • what your ISO settings should be,
  • what your aperture settings should be,
  • what your shutter settings should be,
  • how to use your camera's internal meter in challenging lighting situations,
  • how to use Gobos (supplied for session),
  • and more!

Assembly location will be announced to enrollees. This is a rain or shine event.

This is a hands-on workshop so bring your camera (manual mode required), fresh batteries, wide angle lenses, empty memory cards, tripod and wired or wireless remote shutter release. Tripods may be rented for $10.00 for the session. Wired and wireless remotes may be purchased at the start of the session for most cameras for $15.00. Email if you need to rent a tripod or buy a remote trigger. Include make and model of camera if buying a remote.

By registering for this event I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will comply with all Terms and Conditions. (Click on the preceding link to read Terms and Conditions in a new window. When done reading them, close the window and complete your registration below.)


Price: $40.00 + 5.00% Service Fee

Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 8:30 PM

Date: May 9, 2017

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