Learn How to Create Images of a Lifetime™


Photographers’ Education & Resource Center (PERC Photography School) offers award winning digital photo, video and software training. We teach How and Why digital cameras work.  As a result, you can learn the Art, Science and Business of Digital Photography™ from us.

PERC is the only photography school with full time photo and video studios! Since we have studios on both US coasts, we practice what we teach. 

Our hands-on studio work and editing is especially relevant because it provides us with invaluable experience that we pass along. It makes us knowledgeable about the latest gear, techniques and customer insights. Consequently, we can train you like no other Youtube channel, website, Facebook group, photography school, or camera store can.

We provide the widest variety of photography and videography related programs in the world.  Since these are online as well as classroom based, we have students and graduates across the US and the world.

Our highest level of professional training are our Certification programs. They provide the most training hours, the most study and reference materials and are the only programs that cover the art, science and business of digital photography.

Our professional level Accreditation programs are comprehensive, though they cover less than the Certification programs. They provide fewer hours of training and fewer study and reference materials. Naturally, the time and investment cost is lower than for the Certification programs.

The newest additions to our professional training programs are designed for busy people who need to learn the essentials quickly. There are two versions: Accredited Essentials and Certified Essentials. These are our fastest, least expensive, and least time consuming ways to qualify as a professional photographer or videographer.

Our Private Tutoring  and Semi-Private Tutoring services are for amateurs. Students learn one-on-one with a knowledgeable instructor in a friendly, self-paced environment. Compared to classes, students are not slowed down by questions from others or held back by those who do not grasp the material quickly. We cover all types of digital photography, cameras, flashes, light modifiers, filters, tripod use and more. We also teach basic and creative use of:

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Photomatix™ Pro

To learn more, email or call 919.576.5331.