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June 16, 2018 – June 16, 2018

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Join us at the Chapel Hill Camera Club as we deliver an Advanced Workshop on Photoshop from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Saturday June 16th at the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill.

You may bring your laptop or take notes.

Specific items to be covered include:

Pro Workflow (What, When, How),
Pro Dodge Techniques,
Pro Burn Techniques,
Non-Destructive Editing Techniques,
Using History,
Brush Engine,
Gradient Engine,
Blend If (Easy, Accurate Sky Replacement),
Designing Brochures & Flyers
and More!

To register contact Chapel Hill Camera Club President, Scott Van Manen at

Training to be held at Seymour Center in Chapel Hill, located at 2551 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.