Apr 022013
  • RESET PHOTOSHOP PREFERENCES: If your Photoshop preferences get corrupted (PS starts acting weird) or you make too many changes, simply reset them. Restart Photoshop and hold down Alt+Ctrl+Shift (PC) or Option+Cmd+Shift (Mac) while the program loads. When asked if you want to delete the Photoshop Settings file, click Yes.
  • CAMERA LUDDITE: So you have that fancy new DSLR with 5 or 6 different ways to focus, e.g. spot, regular, area, spot with tracking, continuous, single, and multiple focus points (up to 61 focal points in some cases), etc. and you are very excited about using all that wizardry to take better photos. But did you know that different combinations of these settings, along with drive mode selected (continuous, high speed continuous) can actually set you back? Yes, using these various combinations can actually REDUCE the quality of your images and make you miss important once-only shots that happen in sports and art performances. A simple solution is available; just set your camera to single point, center focus. Follow the action with your camera instead of using the thumbwheel to rotate the focal point in your viewfinder.
  • FISHEYE PHOTOS WITHOUT A FISHEYE LENS: If you own Photoshop you can use the Spherize filter set to 100% to turn everyday photos into fisheye images. The Spherize filter is found under Filters, Distort. It works on 8 bit jpgs, not 16 bit.
  • DRAMATIC SKIES: In Photoshop you can quickly improve your skies by using the Burn tool set to Midtones at 50% opacity. Then brush over the area to be darkened or made more intense. If you overdo it, use CTRL or CMD-Z to step back. Or you can switch to the Dodge Tool, select Highlights at 10% opacity and paint over areas that are too dark. You should do this on a copy of the layer you need to adjust so that you can remove the entire effect later should the need arise.
  • INVERT SELECTIONS: In Photoshop you may select an area and realize it is the opposite of what you wanted, or perhaps you are done working on that selection and want to easily access everything else. The easy way to do this is to press CTRL or CMD-I. This will invert the selection in one easy step.