Here are unsolicited, unedited reviews from our students across the US and the world. Names and emails have been removed because people were being spammed on the Internet.

I did want you to know that I thought your class was a great mix of hands-on and lecture and I really feel that I learned a lot (never knew what a majority of those buttons were and I have taken 4+ classes through a local camera shop). Thanks for sharing your time and expertise!

Just 2 days of learning from a great Master like you = more than I learned from anyone in my life.

Thank you for the leading the class.  From this class I *really* get “raw”.  So much so, on my trip to Turkey, I decided to shoot the trip in raw. For me, it also demonstrates a bit more maturity in using the camera.

As a follow up to our class … thank you for the adventure, certainly worthwhile. I also enjoyed the company.  Rubbing elbows with a faster crowd always improves your game.  On this score your class is always fertile ground.

Enjoyed the macro class & have a new thing to try.

Ted is extremely knowledgeable.  He is fun and informative.

Mr. Salamone was very responsive & took extra time outside of class to offer help.

Thank you for the in-depth explanations on terms.

The instructor really knew his stuff but had a very personable, easy-going style making class questions and dialogue very comfortable.

Great review session, well taught, comfortable learning environment.

YELP! Reviews

I’ve taken a few courses here and they were all great. Ted is very patient and thorough. I’ve learned tons!!

PERC is awesome! I had just acquired a brand new DSLR camera to use on some upcoming trips, however I had absolutely no experience or confidence in using anything other than a ‘point and shoot’. I was also overwhelmed with the functionality of my specific camera, so I needed help fast! I booked a 2 hour private tutoring session with Ted and it was exactly what I needed. He was able to teach me the fundamentals of manual photography, as well as the in’s and out’s of how to use my specific camera. I now have the confidence and skill needed to use my new camera on my upcoming trips to take great photos. Ted is extremely knowledgable, patient and friendly…an all around great teacher. He even helped me in the days after the class with some technical issues I had with my camera…going above and beyond to make sure I was ready to go! I would highly recommend PERC Photography School and Ted to anyone!

I have been working with Ted for 7 months.  It has been an incredibly beneficial experience.  He has used his wealth of experience to coach me to much better photographs.  I particularly enjoy his constructive criticism.  I have enjoyed several private sessions where his patience is amazing.  He offers interesting group sessions like shooting rides and fireworks at the State Fair.  Whatever the setting, I can confidentially state that I have laughed and learned.  I recommend him hands down.

Ted Salamone is hands down the best teacher I have ever come across for photography and photo technology.  He is incredibly passionate and has a rare patience with his students which allows him to teach at a level that makes the most difficult and complicated concepts seem second nature to all ages and levels of experience.  If what you are looking for is a thorough education covering not only the basics to get by, but that really goes into what each individual component does, you need look no further than Ted.  He is an amazing artist and really wants to see each of his students succeed.  Ted offers a wide range of classes through PERC photography school and regardless of your experience level I guarantee you will find his classes to be well worth your time and money!

Knowledgeable Reviews

I have taken several classes with Perc Photography School now.  Ted is knowledgeable and continues to go above and beyond to help me progress in my photography skills including everything from shooting techniques to achieve unique results to post production skills.  He has provided guidance and recommendations for my gear purchases as well as unique shooting opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. I look forward to more classes in the future!

PERC is probably the best thing that’s happened to the amateur studio photographer scene around Raleigh in a long time.  Ted is very unique in his attitude towards student photographers.  He’s a pro that’s willing to share and teach you everything he knows.  Reminds me a bit of Neil van Niekerk in that respect.

I have been trying for 3 years to greatly enhance my photograpy skills. Walla! I found PERC (Photographer’s Education and Resource Center) close to my back yard. They provide great (limited number of students) classes, a working portrait studio (often with models to shoot), and tons of DVDs, Books, and Magazines in their Resource center. I have learned so much in the least time, with much more to go. check them out!

Well Equipped Reviews

The studio is well equipped and easy to use.  All of the classes offered by PERC are outstanding.  Usually 5 or 6 students and PERC offers specialty classes beyond the Basic and Intermediate photography.

It’s now been over a year that I’ve met with and studied under  Ted Salamone and PERC. Ted’s expertise as a professional photographer is unique in that not only does his technical expertise show through in everything he does, but his people skills in working with students helps them truly become the best that they can possibly be in the field of photography.

I met Ted first through a “posing class” and then further studied under him in various technical classes in LIghtroom and other software. I’ve also worked with Ted in open modeling classes, being able to take advantage of his advanced lighting equipment to give me more confidence in my own abilities.

As an aspiring professional photographer, I’ve had many opportunities to work with various clients. I always reach back into my education with Ted and PERC to help show off my skills and please my clients. I’m proud to be associated with Ted and look forward to continue my learning with his organization!

I met the owner of the business 2 years ago as he taught a beginners class at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.  I was immediately impressed with his patience and genuine willingness to share his knowledge of photography. I have taken several classes in Raleigh and he is always accommodating. I have emailed him with several questions about how to’s and equipment questions. He responds promptly and I never feel as though I am a bother. I would encourage any level of photographer to give him a try.

Workshop Reviews

Spent last evening with 5 others and Ted, downtown shooting the Raleigh skyline.  Great workshop,  lots of tricks and tips. Will definitely be taking another class soon.

I had taken a couple of photography classes (didn’t get much from them) before registering for one of Ted’s classes. I learned so much more by taking the class with PERC photography. Ted took the time to answer individual questions and worked with everyone hands on even with all the different types of cameras.

First photography class I took where the instructor showed passion if you really got what he was saying! Ted does a great job running a well organized class with real hands-on instruction making sure everyone gets individual attention. He offers accessories after the class but never pushes any items on you. The six hour class last well past the sixth hour never rushing any student out the door but taking his time explaining his profession as a true professional. I look forward to attending the Advanced class as soon as I can.

On the Job Reviews

I recently volunteered with other folks to help with Ted’s photo shoots for the Nutcracker. Even though we were not taking classes he took the time to answer any questions we had; taught us about using different equipment; lighting; metering; how to take better pictures in manual; using different settings within the camera; and so much more. I look forward to taking other classes with Ted as soon as I am able and eventually getting my certification.Definitely the best photography class I have attended. class size is small with alot of individual attention. Nice blend of theory and real practice opportunities. I was initially feeling I was in over my head in the macro class as I am still learning the techniques for using my DSLR, but I was quickly made more comfortable by Ted and his teaching style as well as his approach to pairing students up to help bring out the best in each.

I am currently signed up for 2 more classes that I am looking forward to and will be signing up for additional classes as well. I recommend PERC to anyone looking to improve their skills. From novice enthusiast to seasoned pro, PERC has something to offer.

Fun, Fair & Fireworks Reviews

Took the Fun, Fair and Fireworks workshop last night. INCREDIBLE!!!!! Ted is such a fantastic, passionate and patient teacher that he made sure that everyone who attended, from the amateur (me with my Canon G9 point and shoot) to the seasoned professional (with proper equipment), learned something new. He had me getting pictures with my G9 that I never thought would be possible. HIGHLY recommended!!!!!!

I have taken several courses at PERC Photography School and have found them all to be very helpful.  I especially enjoyed the Night and Low Light Workshop and the Fair and Fireworks workshop. They opened up a world of new creative ideas in photography for me. They were fun and very informative too. I highly recommend any and all courses offered by this great school.

I have taken classes with Ted and had a chance to volunteer for photo shoots during his busy holiday season.  Ted is a good photographer and businessman, as well as a skilled teacher.  Each time I have worked with him, it has been a valuable experience where I have learned much that I could take away, and I have gained confidence for myself as a photographer. I highly recommend Ted as a photographer and as a photography instructor.

Great class – most of it is lecture and theory – but it all makes sense, and the techniques learned work well, and make using my SLR easy.  The instructor has tons of experience, and is very thorough.

Beginner Reviews

I took the basic digital photography class which is a 6hr class over the last weekend. I have been using SLR camera for a while but just as a point and shoot. Mainly because reading manuals did not make much sense to me as I would have forgotten everything by the time I actually tried to use on my camera. After this class, I can now really understand my camera as well as manuals much better. Ted is an excellent instructor with wealth of knowledget & experience that he is not hesitant to share with his students. He went beyond the material in helping us to explore the type of tripods, flashes and other camera accessories. I am looking forward to continuing my photography classes with Ted.

I have been looking to become a professional photographer but none of the programs I have seen really satisfied me. When I took one of Ted Salamone’s classes at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, I discovered he had organized PERC to provide a more comprehensive series of workshops for people who are seriously interested in photography. After I took that, I learned that he was offering a Certification Program for anyone interested in becoming a professional photographer. Now I have finally found something to start me on my career path. But it’s not only for those wanting to be a professional.

HDR Reviews

Photographers Education & Resource Center (PERC) is a great photography school in Raleigh area, offering an on-site education for amateur and professional photographers. The broad class and workshop selection covers all aspects of digital photography, including equipment (you’ll rediscover your camera!), software, subject specific photography (portrait, architecture) and many more. Classes are small, with usually not more than 6 participants, which allows for individual attention from the instructor. Hands-on experience is an integral part of each class – would it be testing out macro equipment, shooting HDR followed by image processing or adjusting lighting for studio portraits. The classes are very comprehensive and I always learn a lot, whether it’s an issue directly related to the class subject, or it happens to come up in the discussion.  On top of classes and field workshops, PERC offers access to a library stocked with books and lots of training videos

Ted Salamone, PERC founder, is a very good teacher and a knowledgeable and patient instructor.  He is always eager to answer every question in a detailed way, understandable to participants on all levels. Ted is an experienced and creative photographer himself, always willing to share tricks of the trade and suggest inspirations.

Studio Session Reviews

I have greatly enjoyed the monthly model sessions in the studio. They are a truly unique opportunity to practice composition, posing, lighting, working with live models and, very importantly, build the portfolio.  I have learned a lot in the last few months and look forward to learning a lot more.

These classes and seminars are extremely informative and give a great opportunity for hands-on work. If you want to dive in head first and take the Certification Program, this is a much better alternative to an online photography “institute” of questionable repute or a four-year college that teaches mainly irrelevant material for the cost of a new house. The classes are small and tailored to your needs. Ted’s curriculum is solid and backed by decades of experience as a professional photographer. Anyone interested in photography should definitely look up PERC.

I took my first class with Ted Salamone in August 2010.  Since that time I have taken several additional classes.
Ted is a very skilled photographer but in addition he is an excellent teacher.  He offers classes that are not found elsewhere and gives a lot of hands on instruction.  I personally feel that I have significantly enhanced my own skills as a photographer.  I am continuing to take additional classes and am excited about the wide range of classes that PERC offers and the depth that he delivers in these classes.