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At PERC Photography School we deliver an affordable, professional level certificate program. Our certificate program is designed for people who want to be professional photographers, full or part time, or hobbyists. We are the only photography school that teaches you the Art, Science & Business of Photography.™

Our certificate program includes TEN different disciplines, the widest offerings anywhere. There are classroom based, instructor-led and online distance education versions so you can learn from any location on the globe.

Certificate Program Options

Our instructor-led and online distance education programs combine exclusive and traditional study materials for a comprehensive, immersive learning environment designed by a Certified Master Photographer. These are not your typical canned video courses where you are left on your own once you buy them.

Each certificate program combines our award winning personal touch through interactive homework feedback, photo critiques and private Q&A sessions. Also, every student builds a professional grade portfolio under careful guidance of our knowledgeable instructors.

Our Instructor-led programs offer all that, PLUS in person training, feedback and support! Finally, our classroom based students get multiple opportunities to receive On-the-Job training at actual on-location shoots. We are able to do this because we have two full time professional photography studios.

Every certificate program is designed to be affordable and extremely cost effective. Student experience, as shown by our outstanding Yelp! reviews,  has shown them to be the BEST way to learn photography! Now you can afford to learn how to take Images of a Lifetime™:

  • Start Whenever YOU Want (Enrollment always open)
  • Study at YOUR own pace
  • Study from your home, office or anywhere else
  • Receive online, interactive feedback about your images
  • Instructor-led versions offer in person training, feedback and support
  • Exclusive Training Materials!
  • Includes all e-Books, lesson plans and workbook materials
  • The only programs that teach you “The Art, Science and Business of Photography™”
  • Widest Choice of Certificate programs anywhere

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