PRODUCT 1 on 1


Product Photography Made Easy!


One on One training means you:private tutoring

  • set the date and start time for your training!
  • enjoy One on One attention from your instructor!
  • enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience!
  • enjoy a personalized learning experience!
  • learn faster and retain more in a shorter period of time!
  • choose between in-person or live remote training!
  • may bring your own subjects!
  • may bring your gear if you want to be trained on it!
  • We customize your two hour, One on One experience to your specific wants and needs, skill level, and equipment. Before your session, please email us with your make and model camera, lenses, flash, lighting, and other gear. Also tell us the type of products you will be bringing. Prior students have recovered the cost of this workshop in just one or two projects!

    No matter your skill level, you will learn how to:

  • illuminate subjects using inexpensive lights, 
  • position subjects in various ways,
  • easily take 360 degree imagery,
  • use reflectors and diffusers,
  • use accessories like tripods and wired remotes,
  • use a light tent,
  • use platforms,
  • use backdrops,
  • properly set your aperture, shutter and ISO,
  • properly set other camera functions to optimize your photos.
  • Bring your products to photograph, if you have any, as well as your camera, spare batteries and empty memory cards. No need for an external flash or tripod as we provide that gear. (However, you may bring all your gear if you want to use it during the training.) 

    After registering and paying for your workshop, we will contact you to set your workshop's date and time.

    By registering for this event I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will comply with all Terms and Conditions. (Click on the preceding link to read Terms and Conditions in a new window. When done reading them, close the window and complete your registration below.)

    Price: $150.00 + 5.00% Service Fee

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