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The PERC Certified Real Estate Photographer program is perfect for REALTORS®, real estate agents, brokers, builders, or photographers who want to maximize the quality of their photographs and videos to make more money. 

Web Appeal™ is far more important than curb appeal ever was, so put your best foot forward online. Entice more people to see your listing in person and close that sale sooner, for more money in any market, hot or slow! PERC will teach you how to get there faster, with more confidence, than any other training program. When prospects see your Certification Seal online they will know that they have come to the right place for trusted, quality work.

The PERC Certified Real Estate Photographer program comes in two versions: Online and On Location.  The online program is perfect for clients anywhere outside of our on location service area in NC. In our service area we teach on location at a residential property. Benefits of both programs are as follows:

  • Created by a Certified Master Photographer, RE agents and RE photographers,
  • 5 Star Google reviews by actual students and clients,
  • Learn at your OWN pace,
  • Exclusive Training Materials,
  • Comprehensive, real-life feedback from all over the world,
  • HarbourgateDr.4413-MasterBathroom1Flexible training schedule,
  • Includes up to 9 hours of live training, interactive feedback and email responses,
  • Take up to four months to complete the program,
  • Includes critique of images for your website,
  • Includes review of and feedback on your website,
  • Your instructor is always just an email or phone call away!,
  • Receive online or on-site feedback about images,
  • Online streaming video so we are right there with you, wherever you are!,
  • Includes Certification Exam (a $199 value),
  • Includes Website Certification Seal and Certificate of Completion for your office, 
  • Includes all e-Books, Lesson Plans, and Checklists,
  • Includes all Workbook, Training and Reference materials,
  • Covers everything you need to get started or to improve your existing services.

We will recommend various types of photography gear, tailored to your budget or other needs. At all times we strive to provide affordable services and recommendations.

Contact us for group training rates.

Depending on your gear and interests, the PERC RE Certification Program covers how to:

  • properly compose interior and exterior shots;
  • shoot 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspectives;
  • shoot High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography,
  • edit HDR images,
  • deal with mixed lighting,
  • match ambient lighting with artificial lighting;
  • use wireless systems for multiple flash units;
  • make the most out of a single flash,
  • use umbrellas,
  • Screened Porch_413use light stands,
  • select proper camera settings,
  • use Neutral Density Filters,
  • use Graduated Neutral Density Filters,
  • use diffusers,
  • shoot Twilight images,
  • use poles for aerial photography,
  • deal with clients and homeowners,
  • negotiate,
  • select a hosting service / website,
  • price your services,
  • select services to offer (e.g. 360 / 3D, video, aerial and more),
  • start your RE photography business,
  • keep your RE photography business running smoothly,
  • do Virtual Staging,
  • use a tripod.

Students need a camera with Manual mode and a hot shoe, a tripod, a light stand and an external flash with wireless transceivers. Two wireless flashes and two light stands are recommended. Once enrolled in the program, we can help you select affordable, quality gear that you do not have, but may need.

Prerequisites: Students must know how to download photos to a computer, upload photos to Dropbox, Hightail, or Google Drive and send a link, and how to use their camera in Manual mode. Students who do not meet these prerequisites will need to take at least 2 hours of Private Tutoring before starting the certification program. Current Private Tutoring rates will apply.

By completing the assignments you will build a wonderful portfolio of critiqued images to help you sell homes, or keep your realtor clients happy if you are a photographer or or videographer.

By registering for this event I acknowledge that I have rKitchen_Fam Rm_DR_399ead, understand and will comply with all Terms and Conditions. (Click on the preceding link to read Terms and Conditions in a new window. When done reading them, close the window and complete your registration below.)

Special offers and discount programs DO NOT apply to certification programs.

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