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If you are planning to buy a digital camera for Christmas, have one on your wish list, or already own one, then this online, on-demand, self-paced course is the ideal way to enhance your photographic skills.

Designed for all types of cameras, this multi-week course is a great refresher for someone who has not been using a camera for a while, or as an introduction for the novice. Whatever your skill level or camera type, this course will have you quickly taking better photos.

This multi-week course covers:

  • Computer workflow,
  • Accessories you REALLY need to take better care of camera and lenses,
  • Aperture,
  • Shutter,
  • ISO,
  • Exposure,
  • Scenic modes ( for entry level cameras),
  • Relationship between Aperture, Shutter & ISO,
  • What you need to TURN OFF,
  • What you need to TURN ON,
  • Auto Mode,
  • Program Mode,
  • Aperture Priority,
  • Shutter Priority,
  • White Balance,IMG_5890 1620 copy 72
  • File types and quality,
  • Basic maintenance on, and protection for cameras & lenses,
  • more!

  • You will receive study and reference materials for this multi-week course. This is primarily a hands-on course, so have your camera, its manual, lenses, fresh spare batteries and extra blank memory cards available for each homework assignment.  Also, you will upload images for  feedback, which is the best way to learn how to avoid mistakes and correct them if they occur.

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    Price: $115.00 + 5.00% Service Fee

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