Online photography training

Senior Photo


After a brief review of fundamentals, this multi-week course covers:

  • Pre-visualization,
  • Three factors that affect aperture priority shooting,
  • Why the "slowest fastest" shutter speed is so important,
  • Manual mode,
  • Metering modes,
  • Drive modes,
  • Auto focus modes,
  • Histograms,
  • "Dragging” the shutter,
  • Use of your tripod,
  • X-sync speed is,
  • Reading your camera’s “dashboard,”
  • Exposure bracketing,
  • Bulb mode,
  • more!


    You will receive study and reference materials for this multi-week course. It is primarily a hands-on course, so have your camera, its manual, lenses, fresh spare batteries and extra blank memory ready for every assignment. Also, you will receive constructive critiques of your homework images, which is the best way to learn how to avoid mistakes and correct them if they occur.

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    Online Photography Training

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