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The PERC Photography School Professional Photographer Certification Program focuses on exactly what a digital photographer needs to know - without the fluff or filler offered by others. With this sharper focus we have been able to drive down the cost of professional certification while still maintaining our award winning quality.

The PERC Professional Photographer Certification program comes in two versions: Online and On Location.  The Online program is perfect for clients anywhere outside of our On Location service area in NC. Benefits of both programs are as follows:

  • Created by a Certified Master Photographer,
  • 5 Star Google reviews by actual students and clients,
  • Learn at your OWN pace,
  • Exclusive Training Materials,
  • private tutoringComprehensive, real-life tested!,
  • Flexible training schedule,
  • Includes SIX hours of training, 
  • Your instructor is always just an email or phone call away!,
  • Receive IMMEDIATE feedback,
  • Receive Certification Seal and Certificate of Completion for your office and websites, 

Our Core Program covers:

  • Camera menus, buttons and settings,
  • Aperture Priority,
  • Shutter Priority,
  • Manual,
  • On Camera Flash,
  • ISO,
  • Interaction between Aperture, Shutter & ISO,
  • Depth of Field,
  • Exposure Compensation,
  • The Exclusive PERC Lowlight Action Shooting Methodology,
  • The PERC 3 Click System Exposure Balancing System,
  • What to TURN ON in Your Camera,
  • What to TURN OFF in Your Camera,
  • How and When to use IS / OIS / VR,
  • Memory Cards,
  • Computer Workflow,
  • Using Ambient Light,
  • Using TTL and Manual Flash,
  • Flash Exposure Compensation,
  • White Balance,
  • Color Temperature,
  • How to Protect & Clean Lenses.

Prerequisites: Students must know how to download photos to a computer; upload photos to Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. and send a link. Students who do not meet these prerequisites will need to take at least 2 hours of Private Tutoring before starting the certification program. Current Private Tutoring rates will apply.

By registering for this event I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will comply with all Terms and Conditions. (Click on the preceding link to read Terms and Conditions in a new window. When done reading them, close the window and complete your registration below.)

Special offers and discount programs DO NOT apply to certification programs.

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