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The PERC Architectural Photographer Certification program is perfect for architects or photographers who want to photograph structures for business or creative purposes. This course encompasses everything in the Real Estate Photographer Certification program and adds high end techniques and training on advanced gear.

The PERC Architectural Photographer Certification program comes in two versions: Instructor Led and Online. Program benefits are:

  • Created by a Certified Master Photographer and architects, 
  • FREE Access to select PERC classes for a certain time frame (save Hundreds $$$),
  • 5 Star Yelp! reviews,
    Exclusive Training Materials,
  • Nothing else to buy,
  • Private and semi-private lessons (Instructor Led only),
  • Flexible class schedule (Instructor Led only),
  • Study at your OWN pace (Instructor Led and Online),
  • Comprehensive, real-life tested!,
  • Your instructor is just an email away!,
  • Online students receive interactive feedback about images,
  • Includes all e-Books, Lesson Plans, Workbook & Training materials.

IMG_0052We will recommend various types of photography gear, tailored to your budget or other needs (such as breadth of photography coverage you need.) At all times we will strive to provide affordable services and recommendations for you.

You will learn how to properly compose interior and exterior shots, deal with mixed lighting (fluorescent, tungsten, sodium, ambient and more), match ambient lighting with artificial lighting for properly balanced overall lighting, use wireless flash triggers for multiple flash units and how to make the most out of a single flash.

You will also learn how to maximize what's in focus, use alternate light sources, use gels, remove color casts, work with a professional tilt-shift lens, and remove convergence in software if you do not have access to a tilt-shift / perspective control lens.

In addition, you will learn when and how you should use a tripod, diffusers, umbrellas, soft boxes, booms, wired or wireless shutter releases, off camera flashes, bare bulb techniques and more.

IMG_1386And8moreExpBlendFinally, you will learn the proper camera settings for High Dynamic Range photography, and training on the full featured HDR software that comes with the program.

You must have access to a DSLR or a Point and Shoot (PS) camera with Aperture priority and Manual settings and a hot shoe to get the most from this program.

By completing the homework assignments you will build a wonderful portfolio of critiqued images to help you sell homes, promote new designs or keep your realtor clients happy if you are a photographer doing real estate shots for hire.

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