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The PERC Certified Art Photographer Program is perfect for photographers who want to photograph arts and crafts as a business service, or for artists and artisans who want to cut costs by taking images of their own work for websites, brochures, catalogs and submissions for juried competitions and gallery showings. The average cost per professional artwork photo is $80 to $100, so this course can earn you good money if you are a photographer - or SAVE you a great deal of money if you are an artist.

IMG_0483 logoThe PERC Certified Art Photographer program comes in two versions: Instructor Led and Online. Benefits are:

  • Created by a Certified Master Photographer and professional artists,
  • 5 Star Yelp! reviews,
  • FREE Access to select PERC classes for a certain time frame (save Hundreds $$$),
  • Exclusive Training Materials,
  • Nothing else to buy,
  • Private and semi-private lessons (Instructor Led only),
  • Flexible class schedule (Instructor Led only),
  • Your instructor is just an email away!,
  • Receive interactive feedback about your images,
  • Includes all e-Books, Lesson Plans and Workbook Materials,
  • Learn at your own pace (Instructor Led and Online)

IMG_0498 812The program was designed for all types of artwork: painting, design, pottery, typography, sculpting, mixed media, fiber, jewelry, textiles, beading, photography, glass, knitting, crochet, stitchery, weaving, sewing, paper making, wood carvings, pen and ink sketches, charcoals, and more, so you can rest assured that your instructor will have experience with your type of art.

You must have access to a camera with Aperture priority and Manual settings and a hot shoe to get the most from this program.

You will learn how to use various types of lighting set-ups to photograph your work, from studio strobes with umbrellas, diffusers and reflectors to on/off camera flash with other light modifiers and even inexpensive hot lights where the entire set-up costs less than $75 - depending upon your budgetary needs.

Depth of Field (DoF) will be covered for three dimensional subjects, as well as how to properly set white balance to achieve the proper colors in your photographs.

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