Intermediate Digital Photography @ Wake Tech Beltline Campus


This eight week course, provided through Wake Tech  Community College, is designed for people who have some experience with DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, or Advanced Point & Shoot (Bridge) cameras with Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Modes, OR have successfully passed the Wake Tech Basic Digital Photography course.  Each session is three hours in length, for a total of 24 class hours.

This course will help you expand on basic photography knowledge and take your skills to the next level! The course addresses camera handling, shutters, apertures, ISO, portrait guidelines, lighting and other refined techniques.

The course is very hands-on, as you will use your camera a great deal during in-class exercises and homework assignments. Homework is reviewed at each class, for further learning from each student's efforts.

Sessions will be held at the Wake Tech Beltline Center, on Monday & Wednesday evenings from November 18th through December 11th.

Additional information, including address and room number are available on the Wake Tech registration page.  Register Now!


Start Date: November 18, 2019
End Date: December 11, 2019