Photoshop Advanced Editing Made Easy!


This workshop teaches you advanced Photoshop editing techniques, featuring advanced editing techniques, compositing and design.

One on One training means you:

  • set the date and start time for your training!
  • enjoy One on One attention from your instructor!
  • enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience!
  • enjoy a personalized learning experience!
  • learn faster and retain more in a shorter period of time!
  • choose between in-person or live remote training!
  • We customize your two hour, One on One experience to your specific wants and needs, skill level, and equipment. 

    You will learn:

  • advanced Dodge and Burn techniques,
  • Clipping masks,
  • Type tools,
  • about PSB files,
  • how to semi-automate editing,
  • to use Adobe Camera Raw,
  • about actions,
  • how to design marketing materials,
  • to replace items in a photo,
  • gradients and the gradient engine,
  • Brush engine,
  • Blend modes,
  • FX adjustments,
  • and more!
  • After registering and paying for your workshop, we will contact you to set your workshop's date and time.

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    Price: $195.00 + 5.00% Service Fee

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