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The PERC Photography School Professional Photographer Accreditation Program focuses on exactly what a digital photographer needs to know - without the fluff or filler offered by others. 

If you need a more comprehensive course, consider our Professional Certification Program

 The PERC Professional Photographer Accreditation Program comes in two versions:  Online and On Location/Classroom.  The Online program is perfect for clients anywhere outside of our On Location service area in NC. Benefits of both programs are as follows:

  • Created by a Certified Master Photographer,
  • 5 Star Google reviews by actual students and clients,
  • Learn at your OWN pace,
  • Exclusive Training Materials,private tutoring
  • Flexible training schedule,
  • Accreditation Program covers the basics,
  • Take up to three months to complete the program,
  • Includes up to 9 hours of training, interactive feedback, and email responses,
  • Your instructor is always just an email or phone call away!,
  • All students receive interactive or on-site feedback about their images,
  • Online sessions use streaming video so your instructor is right there with you, wherever you are!,
  • Includes all e-Books, Lesson Plans, Workbook & Training materials.

This Program covers:

  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Training,
  • Composition (Basic & Advanced),
  • Filters,
  • Lenses by activity and light gathering capability,
  • Aperture,
  • Shutter (including dragging the shutter),
  • ISO,
  • Interaction between Aperture, Shutter & ISO,
  • Depth of Field,
  • Compression,
  • Exposure Compensation,
  • The Exclusive PERC Lowlight Action Shooting Methodology,
  • The PERC 3 Click System Exposure Balancing System,
  • What to TURN ON in Your Camera,
  • What to TURN OFF in Your Camera,
  • How and When to use IS / OIS / VR,
  • Setting Your Diopter,
  • Memory Cards,
  • Computer Workflow,
  • Using Ambient Light,
  • Using TTL Internal Flash,
  • Flash Exposure Compensation,
  • White Balance,
  • Color Temperature

Prerequisites: Students must know how to download photos to a computer; upload photos to Dropbox, Hightail, or Google Drive and send a link; and how to use Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets. Students who do not meet these prerequisites will need to take at least 2 hours of Private Tutoring before starting the accreditation program. Current Private Tutoring rates will apply.

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Special offers and discount programs DO NOT apply to accreditation programs.

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