Photo Retouching


Retouching is done on DIGITAL images.

Images of any type can be sent via Dropbox or other similar service. Contact us for bulk rates, as we process tens of thousands of images every year for photographers across the country.

We also create composites (for proofing or sale), provide design services and prep images and spreadsheets for yearbooks and more.

To use our individual file upload service, the images must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, or .tiff, format. You will receive a high resolution digital image from every Retouching project.

Scanned images of any type are not eligible for our retouching service; they must use our Restoration services instead. Restorations are gladly accepted at PERC. See our Restoration page for details. We reserve the right to determine Retouching from Restoration.

    • To upload individual digital images for Retouching please use the following upload field.
    • We will review the image and contact you with a cost estimate.  See guidelines below so you can “guesstimate” for yourself.
    • File formats supported are .jpg, jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .zip and .rar.
    • Also upload a .doc, .docx, .pdf or .txt file with  your name, email address, phone number, filename(s) and specific instructions for the work you want done on the files.
    • When uploading, select the Retouch directory. One file at a time with a 20MB limit is permitted, so if you have multiple files, please zip them first. You may also include your instruction file in the same zipped file.
    • For quantities over 5 files, such as yearbook images, contact us so we can set up a private dropbox for you.
    • You must have Java enabled in your browser. For Internet Explorer you must also have Active-X enabled.  If you have questions or problems please email us.

Turn-around time will vary during peak seasons but you can expect to get your photos back within 3 business day under most circumstances. If you have an order that needs to be returned faster than 3 business day, please call. Large quantity orders will take longer.

Nudes, implied nudes, glamour or boudoir photography photographed by professional photographers are acceptable. Pornography is not acceptable. We are the sole decision makers on what constitutes pornography.

Reference photos can be sent by simply upload them along with the rest of your order using the regular order process. Rename them Reference 1, Reference 2 if you like, but just explain what they are in your notes when you upload images.

Instructions are needed. We work with a wide variety of photographers, who in turn work with many different types of clients. We customize our work for your needs, so please provide detailed instructions on exactly what you want done to an image. Examples are: remove stray hairs, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, remove braces, add / remove a catchlight, etc.

You are responsible to quality control our work and provide accurate instructions. The retouching is done when you say it is ready for printing or just finished if it is to remain a digital image. However, we cannot be responsible for a mistake that is not caught prior to printing or one due to faulty or missing instructions.

Digital Download Downloading finished images is easy. You will receive an invitation to a private dropbox. Please remove your images immediately and place them in another folder on your computer. Your private dropbox will terminate 10 business days after your FIRST invitation email is sent. There will be an additional charge for reinstatement of all private dropboxes. We DO NOT archive or store your restored or original images.

Prints may be ordered at our standard rates. Email us for details. Include your phone number for faster service.

Custom Matting and Framing services are available. Click here for more info or Email us for details. Include your phone number for faster service.

Yearbook retouching is a specialty of ours.

  • Each image is retouched for $1.25. This simple retouch consists of removing up to 8 blemishes. If you need more done, such as hair removal, brace removal, etc., then it becomes a standard retouch and you will be charged accordingly.
  • There can be only one pose for the same individual and they must be sent in groups of 30 or more.
  • Special instructions are not permitted, though you must note that this is a YEARBOOK BATCH.
  • We also provide index.txt files for a nominal fee when we do ALL the yearbook retouching for a school.  Email us for index file details.
  1. Picture Perfect: $10 per head, includes removal of:
    1. Facial glare,
    2. Stray hairs,
    3. Skin blemishes,
    4. Background spots, plus
    5. Teeth and eye whitening,
    6. Exposure adjustment.
  2. Picture Perfect Plus: $15 per head, includes:
    1. All in Picture Perfect, plus removal of
    2. Braces,
    3. Eyeglass glare,
    4. Moderate lens flare / hot spots, and
    5. Background extension,
    6. Head swap,
    7. Opening eyes,
    8. Solid color background replacement,
    9. Selective coloring (1 item in color, all else B&W)
  3. Glamour Gal: $30 per image, Fashion magazine retouch includes your choice of:
    1. Smaller nose,
    2. Bigger lips,
    3. Eye color change,
    4. Eye color saturation,
    5. Thinner,
    6. Larger Bust,
    7. Smaller Bust,
    8. Whiter smile,
    9. Smooth skin (deluxe wrinkle remover),
    10. Hair color change,
    11. Exposure adjustment
  4. Extraordinary Services: $35 per image, includes:
    1. All in Picture Perfect and Picture Perfect Plus, and
    2. Change clothing color,
    3. Replace background with new image,
    4. Add or delete people,
    5. Remove structures, vehicles, etc.,
    6. Extreme lens flare or hot spot removal,
    7. Smooth facial skin (make younger),
    8. Diet (lose 20 or 30 pounds, etc.)

Rush orders: Add 50%
Sales tax applies for all NC residents.
Shipping and handling are extra.