Training - Performing Arts Workshop

Training – Performing Arts Workshop

The award winning PERC™ Photography School offers dozens of digital photography courses, workshops, and certification programs – Instructor-led and online, on demand self-paced training.  We provide real-world training that teaches you how to take Images of a Lifetime™.

PERC Photography School (Photographer’s Education & Resource Center) offers more courses on more photography topics than any other school. Theodore “Ted” Salamone, Certified Master Photographer, directs and manages PERC for photographers of all skill and experience levels.

PERC provides flexible schedules for our professional certification programs.  PERC Photography School offers year-round courses and workshops in our own facility and online. Also, we offer programs through NCMA (North Carolina Museum of Art), Carolina Ballet and Wake Tech Community College.

We offer Private Tutoring (PT) for amateurs – the most cost effective and efficient way to learn photography and photo editing. PT sessions are tailored to your specific needs, camera gear, and editing software. You learn at your own pace because there aren’t any other students to slow you down. Two hours of Private Tutoring are like 6 to 8 hours of normal classroom time, which makes them our most popular offering.